You can already order online from the Zhenski Pazar Market at

You can already order online from the Zhenski Pazar Market at

Quality Bulgarian Foods, Fruit and Vegetables from Producers and Farmers –at the Distance of a Click

The 24th of July, 2020, Sofia  The customers of the oldest market in the capital are now even able to order online from the Zhenski Pazar Market. The electronic platform for online deliveries is functioning and for the first time in the history of Zhenski Pazar Market with just one click people can order for home quality food, fruits and vegetables from Bulgarian producers and farmers.

“We gave ourselves the ambitious task of making the online deliveries from Zhenski Pazar Market possible and we were a success. The aim of this project is to enable the young working people who do not have time to come to the market and shop in real time, but want to consume quality Bulgarian food at competitive prices, to be able to do it remotely. The online store of Zhenski Pazar Market – has officially opened its doors to the citizens of Sofia. Apart from its low prices and the rich variety of goods, the Zhenski Pazar Market is also known for the fact that nearly 50 Bulgarian manufacturers offer their production here all year round. This is the main reason why we invite domestic producers to join the electronic platform for online trading on the market, together with the farmers who have been part of our farmers’ market, “said Dragomir Dimitrov, Executive Director of Pazari Vazrazhdane, the municipal association, which administers and manages Zhenski Pazar Market.

At this stage, there are seven Bulgarian individual producers of fruits and vegetables from the Zhenski Pazar Market, as well as one cooperative, which offer their goods in the online store on the market, but their number is about to increase. Among them are Angel Kasabov from the village of Dospey, Samokov region, Alexander Alexandrov from the village of Krislovo, Plovdiv region, Georgi Spasov from the village of Rogosh, Plovdiv region, Zorka Pavlova, the village of Petarch, Stanimir Daskalov, the village of Topolitsa, Violeta Naidenova, the village of Chepintsi , Robert Filipov from the village of Dolna Banya, and an agricultural cooperative – “Zemya 2012” from Southeastern Bulgaria They sell remotely fresh cucumbers, pink and red tomatoes, potatoes, onions, cabbage, carrots, green and ripe beans, peppers, zucchini, onions , raspberries, blackberries, strawberries, blackcurrants, etc. Exotic fruits and vegetables from all over the world, which are provided by Eco Soft Trade, can also be ordered online.

At you can also buy home-made cow butter, yoghurt, sheep, cow, buffalo, goat cheese, yellow cheese, cottage cheese,from the dairy in the village of Stroevo as well as from Ravdin Trade Ltd., which produce their products in the Rhodopes. The meat and meat products are from Divata Ferma in the village of Gorno Pole, but it should be considered that due to the specifics of production orders are accepted until Monday, and deliveries are made only on Wednesday. Farm “Brodilovo”, Burgas region offers online meat delicacies – pastrami, sausage, salami and more.

Online from Zhenski Pazar Market you can order even seedlings for fruits and vegetables, wine from the winery cellar Rupel from the region of Melnik, as well as more farm foods – the famous tahini from the village of Plevun, produced according to an old Bulgarian recipe, lyutenitsa from the village of Zhitnitsa, which is made by a special vacuum technology to preserve the valuable substances of vegetables, as well as homemade oil by an old French technology.

“The online store of the Zhenski Pazar Market is an open project and we continue to develop it. We are in talks with more producers and farmers who want to join so that we can meet the needs of our customers and provide them with the maximum choice of quality food and goods from Zhenski Pazar Market. Soon, the electronic platform will be able to order micro plants, for example, as well as many other organic and farm products, “said Dragomir Dimitrov.

Delivery from is made on the territory of Sofia at a standard price to the customer’s addres. Orders placed before 17:00 will be executed within the next working day until 19:00. There will be two time ranges for deliveries, from which customers will be able to choose according to the time convenient for them – from 11.00 to 13.00 and from 17.00 to 19.00. Customers of the online store at the Zhenski Pazar Market should also keep in mind that deliveries will be made only during the working week, and orders placed on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays will be executed on the first working day.

At this stage, the customers of on Zhenski Pazar Market will be able to pay for their orders by cash on delivery, but soon there will be provided an opportunity to pay by bank transfer.

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