Paper 24 chasa: With a dedicated online application, the products from the Zhenski Pazar Market reach every door

Paper 24 chasa: With a dedicated online application, the products from the Zhenski Pazar Market reach every door

With a dedicated online application, the products from the Zhenski Pazar Market reach every door

With  just a click you can buy fruits, vegetables and even wine

Fresh fruits and vegetables, dairy and meat products from Bulgarian producers, farm and organic products and even wines, which are offered at the Zhenski Pazar Market in Sofia, can now quickly reach every home in the capital. This opportunity is offered by the online application for shopping from the Zhenski Pazar Market in Sofia.


The innovation, developed by the municipal company Pazari Vazrazhdane, which administers the Zhenski Pazar Market, has been working for several months. This is the first application in our country for online purchases and deliveries directly from the market.

With the electronic platform online shopping from the Zhenski Pazar Market is convenient, fast and easy, as nearly 30 orders are already made per week.

Online you can order not only the produced in our country traditional for every Bulgarian table cucumbers, pink and red tomatoes, potatoes, onions, cabbage, beans, but also exotic fruits and vegetables from around the world. We offer homemade cow butter, yoghurt, sheep, cow, buffalo,  goat cheese, yellow cheese from the dairy in the village of Stroevo and Ravdin Trade. The meat and the meat products are from the Divata Ferma in the village of Gorno Pole. Farm Brodilovo offers online pastrami, sausage, salami and more. Online from the oldest market in the capital you can buy seedlings for fruits and vegetables, wine from the wine cellar Rupel, the famous tahini from the village of Plevun, produced according to an old Bulgarian recipe, lyutenitsa from the village of Zhitnitsa and others.

Dragomir Dimitrov, Executive Director of Pazari Vazrazhdane:

With biodegradable packaging, the Zhenski Pazar Market will become a zero-waste market

Despite the difficult year due to the pandemic, we have not abandoned our traders. We support them every month and thus save job positions.

Mr. Dimitrov, for the first time in our country everyone in Sofia can buy online products from the Zhenski Pazar Market, and the municipal company Pazari Vazrazhdane, which you lead, has introduced this innovation. Who is this service aimed at?

– For the first time a municipal market introduces online trade and I am very glad that this is done by the oldest metropolitan market Zhenski Pazar Market. The project is ambitious, innovative and modern. It embodies the vision for the development of the Zhenski Pazar Market as a modern market that offers all the amenities of Sofia. The project has been well thought out and is aimed at active Sofia residents who do not have time to go to the market to buy real fresh food from producers and farmers. These are the people from the offices and business parks. They deserve someone to think about how to give them a chance

to receive

fresh and

top-quality food

at reasonable prices,

delivered to

theiroffice or home

That’s why the project is called “Zhenski Pazar Market is coming to your door.” This service can be used by all fans of fresh rural food. This native production can be found on the trade tables of the Zhenski Pazar Market, and we now have a farm shop. Due to the pandemic and the measures that must be observed, the farmers’ market, which we organize every Saturday, has been temporarily suspended. However, our customers are searching for these products and that is why, in addition to online, we have opened a real farm shop on the market.

– What new projects are you working on?

– The Zhenski Pazar Market is already a different place. We still have a lot of work to do, but we know what to do and how to do it to turn this historic place into a modern urban space, providing visitors, traders and guests of Sofia with all the amenities and services. We have the support of the Sofia Municipality and the Board of Directors of the company.

We have introduced a new standard of partnerships with private business. I have invited leading companies in various sectors, to work together with us for the transformation of the Zhenski Pazar Market. We are implementing their projects here. We have created festivals related to urban culture, food and modern lifestyle, which have attracted tens of thousands of young people and tourists. Many of them are already regular customers in the market. We have turned the Zhenski Pazar Market into a tourist attraction. We have created a special tour that tells the story of the place, the houses and the inhabitants. All these efforts


the negative

image of

this historical

market place

We are going to work on the brand “Zhenski Pazar Market”.

We are working on the construction of a system consisting of electric charging stations for electric vehicles. We want to create a Zero waste market – a market without waste, in which packaging and materials will be from biodegradable raw materials, etc. When autumn comes we will renew the farmers’ initiatives and the weekly culinary festivals on the Zhenski Pazar Market.

– How do you cope in this difficult year, when markets have been closed for a long time and revenues are lower?

– The municipal company Pazari Vazrazhdane is extremely stable both in financial and managing aspect. That is why in this difficult year it will continue to develop and invest. We have introduced all the epidemic measures in time, which have allowed our markets to continue to operate under the new conditions. Revenues have been reduced this year, but this is a policy in which we all share the burden of the pandemic and we have not abandoned our traders. We support them every month, in accordance with the measures adopted by the Sofia Council, and thus save people’s job positions.

– Although there are 5 associations in Sofia that manage the markets, Pazari Vazrazhdane is the only one that is responsible for the summer stage Kino Kabana and Art Gallery Serdica.

– Yes, the development of urban spaces, be it markets, the summer cinema in front of the National Palace of Culture or a gallery, inevitably require the granting of cultural services. Kino Kabana has become an attractive place that gathers hundreds of fans every night on the contemporary Bulgarian stage, cinema, theater and art. A large part of the program “Culture” of the Sofia Municipality is realized here, and the stage has a full schedule throughout the summer. More than 90 events take place there. Art Gallery Serdica has become a favorite place for authors from around Europe. The schedule of the gallery is full months ahead and every year we present 12 exhibitions.




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