VAZRAZHDANE PAZAR EAD MARKET Zombies and witches will conquer ZhenskiPazar this weekend.

VAZRAZHDANE PAZAR EAD MARKET Zombies and witches will conquer ZhenskiPazar this weekend.

Halloween WeekendPazar will be waiting for you from 11:00 to 19:00 with many surprises.

The organizers say the scariest in the upcoming Halloween Weekend Pazar at theZhenskiPazar this weekend will be to miss it. Zombies at the entrance, black holes with discounts, bloody cakes, skulls and bones, strange music, a children’s playground with a workshop for pumpkin lanterns, crazy costumes, prizes and surprises at each stand will rule the ZhenskiPazar. From 11:00 to 19:00, at the special Halloween gathering, with entrance from “St. St. Kiril and Metodiy” Str.,everyone will be able to come and touch an unforgettable witch holiday.

The already traditional WEEKEND PAZARat the ZhenskiPazarwill be held this Saturday and Sunday, 30th and 31stOctober, but this time in the Halloween spirit. And now visitors will be able to find a specially selected Bulgarian producers and traders, restaurateurs, farmers, brewers, flower producers, book publishers, contemporary Bulgarian art and young talents, music and a pleasant atmosphere. The event is organized by “VazrazhdanePazari” EAD with the support of Sofia Municipality.

This Saturday at the Scary WEEKEND PAZARwill be a special show for the children as well –Marieta and Marioneta Theater will present the sensational witch play “Baba Yaga” from 14.00 on the terrace in front of Serdika Gallery. On Sunday, the organizers have prepared a DJ party with Dj IHOU, who will start playing after 13.30. Dj IHOU will “kill” you … with music, and the guests of WEEKEND PAZARwill be able to listen to styles like downtempo / funk / disco / afro / Brazil. IN & OUT will bring out themed accessories and costumes so you can prepare for the upcoming Halloween party. Every weekend, WEEKEND PAZAR is under the motto of environmental protection and the benefits of second-hand clothes with their repeated use. This weekend, our friends from IN & OUT will once again give life to clothes and accessories that are already tired of their old owner, but are ready to contribute to the fresh look of their new buyer.

In the spirit of Halloween “Tail Charm” will be waiting for you with your pets. Get ready, because the first competition for the funniest masked dog will be held.

L’Instant Catering will be unrecognizable, because there will be a lot of great things in their house – a basket with “Treat or prize”, in which if you dare to reach you will find a surprise, also for the hungry there will be – Duck blood and cauliflower soup, and for a dessert – blood cake “Pavolova”.

There will be of course a special workshop on how to make a pumpkin for Halloween and scary chocolate and other delicacies.

And more – new exhibitor – veggie burgers from plant.bite, which are the next generation alternative to the meat.And to make it even tougher on the Scary WEEKEND PAZAR, they will offer the burgers Cruelty Free No-Beef with juicy (without) beef and Juicy Pulled No-Pork with pulled (without) pork, and at the end you should know that the both burgers have colored bread, red and orange brioche because they are root-based and are themed for the season.

Again, there will be many more exhibitors, and the platform KupiIzkustvo.BG will offer a selection of original paintings by Bulgarian artists. The farmers’ shop of the ZhenskiPazar will be also opened.

Traders and manufacturers in WEEKEND PAZAR will be located in a separate market area, which covers the area under the Serdika Gallery and is no connestedto do the marketplace of ZhenskiPazar. The entrance is from to “St. St. Kiril and Metodiy” Str. Visitors pay a symbolic entrance fee of BGN 2, which goes to support Bulgarian artists and young musicians, participants in the cultural program of WEEKEND PAZAR, as well as to the Bulgarian contemporary art through participation in the project of the platform KupiIzkustvo.BG and through Serdika Gallery.

The municipal company “VazrazhdanePazari” EAD assures that all anti-epidemic measures for prevention of COVID 19 will be observed in the area of WEEKEND PAZAR.

For more information – the Facebook page of WEEKEND PAZAR.

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