The secrets of the barbeque will be revealed this Saturday at the Women’s Market

The secrets of the barbeque will be revealed this Saturday at the Women’s Market


2nd WeekEnd Pop Up/Women’s Market will be held on 19 and 20 March

             2nd WeekEnd Pop Up/Women’s Market will wait for you this weekend again (19 and 20 March) from 10 to 20 o’clock at the well-known place – the Women’s Market. The promoters are “Pazari Vazrazhdane” EOOD, the company, managing the Women’s Market, and Chef Jovan Janevski from The Holy SMokes. Weekend Pop UP/Women’s Market was already held in the beginning of the month of March and welcomed more than 2000 connoisseurs of the fine food and entertainment. That is a continuation of the popular weekend markets – WEEKEND ПAZAP, of which from the end of the past year 8 events were held. 2nd WeekEnd Pop Up/Women’s Market furthers the concept of the Women’s Market’s Management for holding various events at its territory, aimed at changing the market’s image, attracting different audience and transform the place into a modern city space, such as the markets in the big European cities are.

            This weekend too 2nd WeekEnd Pop Up/Women’s Market will show “holy delicacies” of the original barbeque and grill of The Holy SMokes, pastries and temptations from Indrishe, craft beers from Sofia Electric Brewery, and Rosalea will supply and offer warming cocktails and warm wine.

            The mandatory musical program in Saturday will begin at 10 o’clock with Ping Pong Galya DJ, and after her Chris McArthur will take the stage. After 14 o’clock it is the turn of PPL of Maha and Sho Sha Duet, and at exactly at 16:16 o’clock for the visitors will sing Niya Petrova – “The Voice of Bulgaria”. We would like to remind you that during the first WeekEnd Pop Up the youth formation from Pernik – the mummers “Youth” – were chasing away the evil spirits at the Women’s Market.

            During Sunday, March 20th, the guests at the Women’s Market  will have the chance to learn the secrets of the original barbeque – Chef Jovan Janevski from The Holy SMokes BBQ will demonstrate the resemblances and differences between Balkan and American barbequing and the grilled meat. And furthermore he will reveal for us the secret of the spicing. This old tradition workshop will take place shortly after 15 o’clock, and the beginning of the master classes is at 12 o’clock with Rory Miller’s lessons how to make delicious and healthy tacos for the children. He will be followed by Viktor Zhechev from Podlez, telling us of his unbelievable love and attitude towards the “street food” culture. Chef Tihomirov from Hell’s Kitchen will make rounds of the Women’s Market, shopping and come up with the menu “walking”, however the idea behind it is to create a culinary masterpiece for the people here, cooking the dish with their products. That will happen a little after 14 o’clock, and the finish of the culinary academy will be with Sisi Simeonova from, who will focus the attention on the food waste and the ways to save the delicious food before its expiration date.

            The event will be held in compliance with any and all mandatory anti-epidemic requirements and measures.

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