Broth from “Bulgarian people of old times” will compete for The Most Delicious Bulgarian soup this Saturday at the Zhenski Pazar Market

Broth from “Bulgarian people of old times” will compete for The Most Delicious Bulgarian soup this Saturday at the Zhenski Pazar Market

Farmer’s Market Pendara at the Zhenski Pazar Market
– Every Saturday from 10 AM to 4 PM 23 January, 2020, Sofia City

Broth made of black hen by an authentic recipe of Haji Gencho from the novelette “Bulgarian people of old times” written by Liuben Karavelov will compete for the title Best Bulgarian Soup this Saturday at the Zhenski Pazar Market. The competition for Most Delicious Traditional Home Soup will be held on the 25th of January during the already regulare Farmer’s Market at the Zhenski Pazar Market. The demonstration of the masters of soups will take place exactly at 12 midday on the built for the purpose stage and it will end with the choice of the most delicious broth. The idea of the competition is to show Bulgarian people which is their favorite soup, that has been prepared in the family and has become a kin tradition.

The competition in the race is fierce, since in order to inspire people from the capital with the favorite broth of Haji Gencho, in Sofia arrives Angel Angelov from the city of Kporivshtitsa, who is the manager of the National Academy Culinary Historian, and a dedicated promoter for the recovery of the traditional Bularian tastes. He will face three ladies, who will cook for the guests of the farmer’s market soups by old recipes of their grandmothers that have been handed over in their families from generation to generation.

For the visitors of the Farmer’s Market Pendara, Katrin Tsaneva will prepare the traditional for the Pleven’s region soup from black-eyed pea – a somewhat forgotten legume culture, which decades ago had been widely spread in Bulgaria, especially the South side of the country. Elena Nikolova comes especially from Varna to show us how to prepare “kurkudena” broth – traditional for Bulgaria, but somewhat forgotten. The fourth participant Desislava Tomova will present her skills by cooking godfather’s soup famous in the Yambol’s region. The tradition of this soup is kept near today. The history tells us that in the past, weddings have been made especially in the winter season, and for the godfather and the godmother, people went with a pot of hot soup and wine. This is why the name of the soup is godfather’s (kumska) soup.

The competition for the most delicious, traditional, home-made soup aims to show the characteristic for the different regions of the countries soups, kept in family recipes and protect the Bulgarian culinary traditions. The soups will be cooked on a stove, only natural ingredients will be used, and in the course of 40 minutes every participant should present her meal. At the end – a jury curator will have the last word and the visitors of the farmer’s market will have the chance to try the winner’s soup.

The Farmer’s Market of Zhenski Pazar Market is held every Saturday from 10 AM to 4 PM.

Bulgarian producers and craftsmen from the entire country will traditionally exhibit their production in the space between the streets Simeon and Kiril and Metodii. The craftmen’s and farmer’s products are exhibited in three product zones – Fruit and Vegetables, Meat and Dairy, and Other Foods and Beverages, and the organizers are foundation and Pazari Vazrazhdane.

Among the traditional exhibitors of Farmer’s Market Pendara are companies for fruits and vegetables, producers of dairy and meat – among them Ferma Brodilovo, dairy farm Keffa, and dairy Kochorite in the village of Stoikite, which offer dairy products. The small family farm Green Living Farm offers quail’s eggs and unique paste produced by them. Tom Konserv – a family producer of liutenitsas and vegetable pastes made by old village recipes, and the company of Venets is a producer of fruits and juice In the farmer’s zones of the market will be included producers of traditional candies, the oldest in production tahini from the village of Plavun, Ivailovgrad, the company of Sam 86 for bee products, artisan bread with kvass, honey and bee products, bio wines and vinegars, Divata Shipka – a farm which raises spelt and walnuts, the winery Losina as well as many others.

You can follow the updated information about the participants on the page of Farmer’s Market Pendara in Facebook.

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