The Measures For Prevention From COVID-19 At The Zhenski Pazar Market And Dimitar Petkov Market Have Been Increased

The Measures For Prevention From COVID-19 At The Zhenski Pazar Market And Dimitar Petkov Market Have Been Increased

A Fence Around The Markets, One-Direction Movement, Obligatory Distance Of At Least 2 Meters Are Only A Part Of The Additionally Undertaken Measures

The 10th of April, 2020, Sofia City. From today, with a decree of the Executive Director of Pazari Vazrazhdane – Dragomir Dimitrov – the measures for fighting the COVID-19 at the territory of Zhenski Pazar Market and Dimitar  Petkov market, which are administered by the association have been increased. The measures have been taken as a response to the decree of the mayor of Sofia City – Yordanka Fandakova for introduction of additional measures for fighting the corona virus epidemic.

Fences have been placed around the trading areas of both markets, one-direction movement with a checkpoint regime at the entrance and at the exit, with a basic purpose to limit the gathering of people in one place and minimize the opportunities for spread of the infection. The entry point to the Zhenski Pazar Market is at the “St.St.Kiril and Metodii” Street, and the exit point is towards the “Slivnitsa” boulevard. The entry to Dimitar Petkov Market is from the “Alexander Stamboliiski” Boulevard, and the exit is towards “T. Alexandrov” Boulevard. 

„Until several days ago at the Zhenski Pazar Market the customers were just a few, but the warm weather brought people here, and that imposed on us to undertake quick steps for upgrading the measures undertaken with the very introduction of the emergency situation and to increase them. The introduction of a checkpoint regime at the exit and at the entrance will allow us to run the human flow and the access of buyers to the stalls. It will also help the tradesmen to impose distance of shopping of at least 2 meters, and especially to limit the heaping of customers at a single stall. For this purpose at the Zhenski  Pazar Market initially we will let in 80 people, and for the Dimitar Petkov Market – the number will be 40 people, after which the entrance in the specified sectors will follow the principle “went out-went in.”

This means that new customers in the zones will be accepted only after the oral alert from the servants at the entry and exit points for customers, who have left. We have provided radio-stations for the guards at the entry and exit points and the communication between them will be continuous. Besides, the night guards will work during the day as well and help out the day guards in the execution of the measures.” Said Dragomir Dimitrov, Executive Director of Pazari Vazrazhdane.

The tradesmen, renters in the vegetable part of the Zhenski Pazar Market are already obligated to wear preventive masks and gloves and disinfect their work space all the time. If they do not abide by this demand of the municipal association, which administers the trading areas, their work contracts for rent will be cancelled, they point out from the association. This requirement is valid for the Dimitar Petkov Market as well.

“For us the priority is the health of the people and the observation of the anti-epidemic measures for restriction of the infection with COVID-19, but we also do everything possible to create the necessary conditions for the traders to work. We count on their responsibility and cooperation, as well as the understanding of the customers of the markets and I believe together we will deal with the emergency situation. Because in other case, we will have to close the markets, and this means unemployment, lack of turnover for the tradesmen, and we also doom the Bulgarian production, because only at the Zhenski Pazar Market the national producers are more than 50% – clarified Dragomir Dimitrov as well.

At the two markets there are powerful speakers from which a recording from SDVR with reminders for the people to take the measures for fighting the COVID-19, and on the pavilions and stalls are glued written instructions for the citizens. The drinking fountains at the territory of the Zhenski Pazar Market are provided with liquid soap and turned into points for disinfection. At the territory of the market are installed two additional mobile drinking fountains.

The regular disinfection of the Zhenski Pazar Market and the Dimitar Petkov Market, as well as the Rotonda Station Square, which are also administered by Pazari Vazrazhdane continues. The disinfection of the open market areas is performed after the end of the market day and it is combined with washing the entire territory of the markets, in order to care for the public health and prevent the spread of the disease among customers and sellers. The association continues to provide the necessary personal prevention means – protective masks, gloves, disinfecting solutions based on spirit to its servants and the sellers on both markets. Also, with a decree from the executive director of Pazari Vazrazhdane, it is stated that only 1 person at a time will be allowed in the trade objects of the pavilion type, and waiting should happen at a distance of at least 2 meters. That’s the distance at which the customers of the trading stalls have to shop as well.

At the territory of the administered by Pazari Vazrazhdane trade objects all measures taken for prevention are applied, according to the recommendations of the Ministry of healthcare and the operative Headquarters of Sofia Municipality for the prevention of spread of the coronavirus.

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