The first WEEKEНД ПАZAR at the Women’s Market starts tomorrow with more than 20 exhibitors

The first WEEKEНД ПАZAR at the Women’s Market starts tomorrow with more than 20 exhibitors

The first WEEKEНД ПАZAR at the Women’s Market starts tomorrow with more than 20 exhibitors. Each Saturday and Sunday, from 10:00 to 19:00 o’clock, at specifically designated commercial area at the Women’s Market, with entrance from “St. St. Cyril and Methodius” Street, there will be an excellent selection of Bulgarian producers and merchants, restaurateurs, farmers, brewers, flower producers, books’ publishing houses, modern Bulgarian art and young talents, music and pleasant atmosphere. “Pazari Vazrazhdane” EAD is the promoter and founder of the first such market in Sofia with the support of Sofia Municipality.     

One of the participants in the tomorrow’s WEEKEНД ПАZAR – second-hand clothing store FREA will show a collection of selected vintage apparel and promote the sustainable eco-friendly model of shopping, less harming the nature. The faces behind the hit online boutique will be present with their vintage discoveries – fine china and porcelain, ceramic, crystal, silver utensils and other unique and beautiful articles from the past. The platform КупиИзкуство.БГ will offer a selection of original paintings of Bulgarian artists, while ресторант “Космос” will present the Bulgarian traditional cuisine, but served as street-food. Each and every weekend   L’instantCatering will offer a special thematic menu, with dishes prepared only for WEEKEНД ПАZAR. The music and good mood will be provided by магазин “Дюкян Меломан”, and StinkySocks will show their Bulgarian brand of socks for the extreme sports’ fans.  Mastercard®TasteBoxbyAndré&DiVino will offer Bulgarian wine from selected cellars and encourage the cashless payment throughout the market’s area. The shop will present the Japanese culture and most of all green tea, while Пивоварна Казан Артизан will raise the mood with craft draft beer, and бар Caldoa selection of more than 40 boutique whiskeys from known and unknown parts of the world. And last, but not least издателство “Рибка” will organize and decorate a reading place with a selection of wonderful books. Todor Manushev is the merchant arranging the flower place at WEEKEНД ПАZAR with a large diversity of flowers – seasonal chrysanthemums, mini rose blossoms, turmeric, bonsai, etc., and the fans of the farmer’s markets will enjoy trying the fish dishes of  “Черноморски улов” and to buy eclectically selected various Bulgarian products in Women’s Market’s farmer’s shop (фермерския магазин на “Женски пазар”.

The merchants and producers in the WEEKEНД ПАZAR will be located in an independent market area, encompassing the territory below Art Gallery Serdica and having nothing to do with the market site of the Women’s Market. The entrance will be from “St. St. Cyril and Methodius” Street. The visitors will pay a symbolic entrance fee of BGN 2, which will be used to support young Bulgarian artists and musicians, participants in the cultural program of WEEKEНД ПАZAR, as well as for the modern Bulgarian art through the participation in the project of КупиИзкуство.БГ platform and Art Gallery Serdica.   

The municipal company “Pazari Vazrazhdane” EAD ensures everyone that all anti-epidemic measures for prevention of COVID 19 will be undertaken and complied with in the area of WEEKEНД ПАZAR.

For further information visit WEEKEНД ПАZAR Facebook page.

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