The first second hand clothing hypermarket will be at the Women’s Market this weekend

The first second hand clothing hypermarket will be at the Women’s Market this weekend

More than 2500 people visited the first Women’s Market WEEKEНД ПАZAR

This Saturday and Sunday, October 2nd and 3rd, the second WEEKEНД ПАZAR will be held at the Women’s Market from 10:00 to 19:00 trot’clock at a specially designated commercial area with entrance from “St. St. Cyril and Methodius” Street. The first event was visited by more than 2500 people. The idea of “Pazari Vazrazhdane” EAD, the promoter and organizer of WEEKEНД ПАZAR, is to offer each and every Saturday and Sunday an exquisite selection of Bulgarian producers and merchants, restaurateurs, farmers, brewers, flower producers, book’s publishing houses, modern Bulgarian art and young talents, music and pleasant atmosphere. The event is organized with the support of Sofia Municipality as well.

This WEEKEНД ПАZAR will focus on the “green fashion”. The second hand clothing store   FREA will organize its first FREA Хипермаркет, located at the terrace in front of the Women’s Market’s Art Gallery Serdica. A special collection will be shown of selected vintage clothes and “second hand” finds, knitwear, hand-made original jewelry, and together with popular faces on the social media the sustainable eco-friendly shopping model will be promoted.     

The 20 exhibitors, who already traditionally take part in the WEEKEНД ПАZAR will be joined by new ones. Черноморски улов will turn upside down our notions of the Bulgarian Black Sea food. Старата фурна will indulge us with oven-roasted nuts, which is the secret of the unique taste of everything they bake and make. The colorful van of Fallero bar for lemonades will offer non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks, as well as delicious liquid chocolate. We will also be able to enjoy the products of another guest – the natural honey of Honey Talks.

This weekend too the online boutique will take part in the WEEKEНД ПАZAR with its vintage finds, and the platform КупиИзкуство.БГ will offer a wide selection of original paintings of Bulgarian artists. ресторант “Космос” and L’instant Catering will again treat our hunger and taste buds, магазин “Дюкян Меломан”, Stinky Socks will also be here – with the selection of socks, while Mastercard®TasteBox by André & DiVino will offer Bulgarian wines from selected cellars. The store , Пивоварна Казан Артизан and бар Caldo will take care of us once again this weekend, as well as издателство “Рибка” and Todor Manushev’s flower place. The guests will be able to buy again the selected and various Bulgarian products in the Women’s Market’s farmer’s shop (фермерския магазин на “Женски пазар”.


The merchants and producers in the WEEKEНД ПАZAR will be located in an independent market area, encompassing the territory below Art Gallery Serdica and having nothing to do with the market site of the Women’s Market. The entrance will be from “St. St. Cyril and Methodius” Street. The visitors will pay a symbolic entrance fee of BGN 2, which will be used to support young Bulgarian artists and musicians, participants in the cultural program of WEEKEНД ПАZAR, as well as for the modern Bulgarian art through the participation in the project of КупиИзкуство.БГ platform and Art Gallery Serdica. The last weekend the visitors enjoyed the live performance of дуото Sofia Streets – Magdalena Petrovich (‘cello) and Viktor Samsonov (guitar), while this Saturday and Sunday a number of guest DJs will take care of the atmosphere and the good mood.   

The municipal company “Pazari Vazrazhdane” EAD ensures everyone that all anti-epidemic measures for prevention of COVID 19 will be undertaken and complied with in the area of WEEKEНД ПАZAR.

For further information visit WEEKEНД ПАZAR Facebook page.

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