The First For 2020 Farmer’s Market Pendara at the Zhenski Pazar Market will be held this Saturday from 10 to 16

The First For 2020 Farmer’s Market Pendara at the Zhenski Pazar Market will be held this Saturday from 10 to 16

The First For 2020 Farmer’s Market Pendara at the Zhenski Pazar Market will be held this Saturday from 10 to 16

A Competition for the Most Delicious Bulgarian Traditional Homemade Soup will be held on the 25th of January

9th of January, 2020, Sofia
The first for 2020 Farmer’s Market at the Zhenski Pazar Market will be held this Saturday on the 11th of January, 2020 from 10 AM to 4 PM. Bulgarian producers and craftsmen from the entire country will traditionally exhibit their ecologically clean products for the capital’s citizens and guests. For 3 months already, the Zhenski Pazar market is the host to the Farmer’s Market Pendara and in the space between the streets Simeon and Kiril and Metodii can be found goods from more than 50 native producers. The craftmen’s and farmer’s products are exhibited in three product zones – Fruit and Vegetables, Meat and Dairy, and Other Foods and Beverages, and the organizers are foundation and Pazari Vazrazhdane.

“With the organization of Farmer’s Market Pendara at the Zhenski Pazar Market, we responded to the necessities a constant farmer’s market to be created in the capital, which will be held in the same place at the same time. We created the necessary conditions, so that citizens and guests of Sofia can find the pure Bulgarian foods on our market every Saturday. This year we will continue supporting start-up Bulgarian farmers with a focus on new and innovative productions. We will continue with the culinary demonstrations and competitions, such as the one about the most traditional homemade soup, which will be held on Saturday, 25th of January, said Dragomir Dimitrov, an executive director of Pazari Vazrazhdane, the municipal association, which administers the Zhenski Pazar Market.

The competition for most delicious homemade soup will be held on the 25th of January at 12 PM at the Zhenski Pazar Market. The idea of the competition is to show which is the Bulgarian people’s favorite soup – prepared in the family and turned into a native tradition.

“With this competition we strive to keep the Bulgarian traditions, by representing soups typical for the different regionsi n Bulgaria. We will expect everyone who is willing and has kept the recipe of his grandma to take part in the adventure. The food will be prepared on a stove, using only natural ingredients and for 40 minutes every participant will have to prepare his meal. There will be a jury-arbiter and the visitors of the Farmer’s Market will be able to try the work of the winner. Of course, there will be prizes” – shared Gergana Kabaivanova – the manager of Foundation

Among the traditional exhibitors of Farmer’s Market Pendara are companies for fruits and vegetables, producers of dairy and meat – among them Ferma Brodilovo, dairy farm Keffa, and dairy Kochorite in the village of Stoikite, which offer dairy products. The small family farm Green Living Farm offers quail’s eggs and unique paste produced by them. Tom Konserv – a family producer of liutenitsas and vegetable pastes made by old village recipes, which this Saturday will show their exclusive plum jam, and the company of Venets is a farmer’s cooperative, which will offer fruits and juice to the capital’s citizens, raised in own permacultural gardens. In the farmer’s zones of the market will be included producers of traditional candies, the oldest in production tahini from the village of Plavun, Ivailovgrad, the company of Sam 86 for bee products, artisan bread with kvass, honey and bee products, bio wines and vinegars and many other projects like the Divata Shipka – for instance – a farm which raises spelt and walnuts in the Rousse’s village Nikolovo, the winery Losina as well as many others.

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