The Festival of the street food gathers the gourmets this weekend at the Women’s Market

The Festival of the street food gathers the gourmets this weekend at the Women’s Market

The cashless Bacchus StrEATFest on the 5th and 6th of June 2021 has more than 70 food vendors, musical performances from three countries and short master classes

On June 5th and 6th 2021 Bacchus StrEATFest, the event which knows best the language of the food, for a fifth year in a row turns the renovated part of the Women’s Market – the space between “Tsar Simeon” and “St. St. Cyril and Methodius” streets – into a host of culinary harmony from various types of world cuisines.     

In the first weekend of June, between 10:00 and 22:00 o’clock, the market will be divided into thematic zones – coffee, lemonades and syrups and juices, beer, wines, cocktails and hard liquor, restaurants, desserts, gelato, baked and grilled food, and gourmet goodies for pets.      

“Women’s Market once again will turn into the hottest culinary venue of the capital this weekend. The face of the Women’s Market changes into a modern city space and holding the fifth event of Bacchus StrEATFest is a firm proof for that. The gourmet festival will again be held facing the challenges of the anti-epidemic situation, but as during the previous year, now once again the necessary organization will be implemented, facilitating the compliance with the strict prevention requirements and ensuring the healthy, safety and the peace of our visitors” explained Dimitar Dimitrov, the executive director of Markets Vazrazhdane EAD, co-promoter of Bacchus StrEATFest.

Cashless payments: more convenient, faster and cleaner

All anti-epidemic measures will be followed, as for the purpose the event will be fully cashless. All payments will be made with a banking card or through a selected mobile portfolio on the telephone. This way the payment will be fast and clean, and the visitor will touch only the delicious foods and drinks. The event will have three entrances for quick and easy access from all sides of the festival. The entrance fee for a person, for a day, is BGN 5, and for two days – BGN 8. Ticket can also be purchased online, as well as at the spot.   

 The restaurants: from all over the world, for carnivores, vegans and for anyone with a curious palate

Close to 20 restaurants will offer food, prepared at the spot, in the cuisine and with the authentic ingredients of places worldwide – starting from far away destinations such as Mexico (El Gallo CantinaMexicana), passing through Asia (Royal Thai and Hamachi-ni) and the emblematic for the USA burgers and barbeque (Skapto, HamBar, TheHolySmokes, RibsBrothers), and then back to the known, but exceptionally cozy territory of Europe and in particular Italy (CarusoPizza&Salads), France (L’Instant) and Bulgaria (Cosmos, Meatsome).

During the years more than several dishes have become favorites of the visitors – Burgundy snails, frog legs, jiaozi … all of them will be here, but this year’s event will also feature many debutants. The food vendors which premiere at the Sofia culinary scene will be for the first time at the fest, are  ViennaCafé&Restaurant, promising to captivate with Austrian – German delicacies, as well as Chicken X – secret recipe fried chicken with a sauce of honey and truffles, for example.  

The visitors preferring vegetable food instead animal products will also be kept pleased: the colorful vegan burgers of plant.bite will also have their debut. They are the work of the team behind 5L Speakeasy bar (in partnership with chef Plamen Evropeiski), who will participate at the Women’s Market’s StrEATfest for the first time as well.

The drinks: lemonades, cocktails, wines, beer and new for Bulgaria products

Glasses of wine from Bulgarian and foreign producers will take care of any fan of the god Bacchus at the bars of DiVino, Seewines and ViaVinera. The non-traditional fans will enjoy Fun Wine’s unexpected combinations between chardonnay and cappuccino or strawberry wine.

Wide selection of craft beers, cocktails, whiskey and exotic aperitifs will keep the spirits high, and for the visitors who have come driving or with kids offered are delicious and natural non-alcoholic drinks, among which two market newcomer brands –  Vidas and Pate Mate, as well as the already established themselves as favorites Harmonica’s syrups.  

The summer thirst will also be quenched at the water bar of Pure-H2О, whole the caffeine one – with the special coffee of Coffero. In the late afternoons Philips’s team promises unusual cocktails with the help of an imposing coffee-machine.  

Sweet and salty: desserts, olive oils, fish, hot sauces and … farmers online

In the zone dedicated to sweet and salty, the best desserts, baked goods and gelato in Sofia, as well as high quality olive oils from Spain and Greece will attract the curious palates. Among the vendors are also the classic favorites of the public, such as ChilliHills, Black Sea draught, Delishu, as well as several new names: Borovitsa Dairy Farm, permaculture Venets, Bulgarian Honey Company, products with truffles, tahini and the Women’s Market’s own farmer’s store, which already offers home deliveries of artesian products and vegetables via the online platform

 The program: short master classes and musicians from 3 countries  

The promoters share that inspired by the street culture in the country and worldwide, this year they have ensured that the accompanying program will be so diverse, as (almost) the culinary one: DJ will ensure artistic mood with jazz and funky music during the morning hours of the weekend, while in the afternoon hours of June 5th and 6th the main stage will be the place for live performances of musicians from Bulgaria, Ireland and Brazil. For the first time under the sky the stage will also feature master cooking classes, taught by experts. They are free-of-charge for the fest’s visitors and on various topics: from selection and cooking with olive oil to combining wine with foods, from the subtleties of the home-made Italian pizza to tips for feeding the pets.

Bau-cchus: zone for four-legged gourmets

Bacchus StrEATFest encourages any and all animal lovers to bring their pets, since they are the man’s best friend (cats included), for which there will be e specially designated zone for delicious and high quality tidbits from the Swedish company Husse and the completely new dog bakery 4Dogs.


The event Bacchus StrEATFest is organized jointly with Markets Vazrazhdane, the municipal company, managing the Women’s Market.  

It is held with the valuable support and partnership of Mastercard, JTI, JohnnieWalker, Gordon’sGin, Kozel, PilsnerUrquell, TanquerayGin, Spark, Vivacom, BeBio, ЕКОПАК and Pure-H2O.

Detailed information is available at or on the event’s Facebook page.  

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