The Contracts Of Three Of The Tradesmen At The Zhenski Pazar Market Have Been Cancelled Because Of Non-Compliance With The Anti-Epidemic Measures

The Contracts Of Three Of The Tradesmen At The Zhenski Pazar Market Have Been Cancelled Because Of Non-Compliance With The Anti-Epidemic Measures

Strict rules for organization of the work of the two market continues during the next three work days

13th of April, 2020, Sofia City. The contracts of three of the tradesmen at the Zhenski Pazar Market have been cancelled due to non-compliance of the anti-epidemic measures for fighting COVID-19, announced from the municipal association Pazari Vazrazhdane, which administers the Zhenski Pazar Market and the Dimitar Petkov Market. Part of the strict additional measures, which the association applied according to the decree of the Mayor of Sofia for introduction of intensified anti-epidemic measures at the territory of the markets in the capital include a requirement from the tradesmen to wear obligatory preventive masks and gloves, to disinfect their work space and keep at least 2 meters distance during the trade. If the rules are not observed, immediate cancellation of the rent contract follows directly.

Zhenski Pazar Market and Dimitar Popov Market opened the doors today at reinforced anti-epidemic measures for fighting COVID-19 and in the next two work days, during which the markets can still function according to the decree of the health minister, even harsher rules for organization of work and access of the customers in the market areas will be imposed. As an emergency measure, thanks to the team of the Capital Municipality and the police, are closed and controlled the streets, the walking zones, and the gardens around the Zhenski  Pazar Market’s area. This helps the limitation of people in one place and allows the unproblematic keeping of a distance, while the customers are waiting access to the zone of selling fruits and vegetables. In addition, the guards of the market, as well as representatives of SDVR regularly patrol around the shopping area and react immediately if the people do not observe the anti-epidemic measures, especially standing at a distance of two meters at least.

“We continue with the radical measures, which we introduced here at the Zhenski Pazar Market, so that we guarantee the health and security of people in their fight against the coronavirus. There is a fence around the market’s ground, movement is in one direction only with a checkpoint at the entrance and exit of the market, so that we may limit the gathering of people in front of the stalls. Around 80 people are allowed to enter in the vegetable zone and a new customer comes following the principle “went out-went in,” while the guards have a constant connection via the radio stations, so they may react timely and manage the flow of people. The tradesmen are provided with the necessary preventive equipment and they know that if they don’t comply with the requirements, they risk an immediate cancellation of their rent contract. Exactly by the cancellation of the contracts of three of the renters, we have demonstrated that we make no compromises. We appeal to the adult people to shop in the early hours of the day, so that we may avoid the gathering of many customers at the same time. It is already clear, that the secession of the surrounding streets and spaces around the market area gives a positive result against the gathering of too many people in the zone, but it will also help in the managing of the human flow outside of the market’s grounds. The surrounding places are exactly the critical points on Saturday, when the warm weather and the coming holidays brought many people at the Zhenski Pazar Market. I am certain that in the next three days all of us will be responsible and the strict anti-epidemic measures will be observed – not only by the administration of the market, and the tradesmen, but also by the customers themselves.”- explained Dragomir Dimitrov, the executive director of Pazari Vazrazhdane.   

From Saturday on – at the Zhenski Pazar Market, and at the Dimitar Petkov Market there have been introduced fences of the shopping grounds, checkpoints and the movement in the zone of the market ground is in one direction. The entry point to the Zhenski Pazar Market is at the “St.St.Kiril and Metodii” Street, and the exit point is towards the “Slivnitsa” boulevard. The entry to Dimitar Petkov Market is from the “Alexander Stamboliiski” Boulevard, and the exit is towards “T. Alexandrov” Boulevard. 

At the two markets are installed powerful speakers from which a recording from SDVR with reminders for the people to take the measures for fighting the COVID-19, and on the pavilions and stalls are glued written instructions for the citizens. The drinking fountains at the territory of the Zhenski Pazar Market are provided with liquid soap and turned into points for disinfection. At the territory of the market are installed two additional mobile drinking fountains.

In the next workdays, the regular disinfection of the Zhenski Pazar Market and the Dimitar Petkov Market, as well as the Rotonda Station Square, which are also administered by Pazari Vazrazhdane continues. The disinfection of the open market areas is performed after the end of the market day and it is combined with washing the entire territory of the markets, in order to care for the public health and prevent the spread of the disease among customers and sellers. The association continues to provide the necessary personal prevention means – protective masks, gloves, disinfecting solutions based on spirit to its servants and the sellers on both markets. Also, only 1 person at a time will be allowed in the trade objects of the pavilion type, and waiting should happen at a distance of at least 2 meters. That’s the distance at which the customers of the trading stalls have to shop as well.

At the territory of the administered by Pazari Vazrazhdane trade objects all measures taken for prevention are applied, according to the recommendations of the Ministry of healthcare and the operative Headquarters of Sofia Municipality for the prevention of spread of the coronavirus.

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