Art Gallery Serdica Presents SLAVES OF TIME-The first Independent Exhibition of Maya Ivanova

Art Gallery Serdica Presents SLAVES OF TIME-The first Independent Exhibition of Maya Ivanova

Period: 5th of November – 6th of December, 2019
Opening: 5th of November, 2019, Tuesday from 6:30 PM

Art Gallery Serdica presents the first independent exhibition of Maya Ivanova SLAVES OF TIME, drawing and graphics, from the 5th of November to the 6th of December, 2019. Maya is only 23 years old and already has got serious artistic history in her experience, as well as her participation in the Christmas Exhibition of Art Gallery Serdica “101 Drawings.” Then students from the National Art Academy and renowned authors exhibited together their works and the interest Maya’s drawings attracted was indicative of her talent. This is the main reason Art Gallery Serdica, which has already conquered its serious position among the capital’s artistic elite as a gallery for contemporary Bulgarian art, has decided to support Maya Ivanova and curate her first exhibition.

A few months ago, Maya completes her Bachelor’s Degree in specialty “Graphics” in the NAA, and in the moment she continues her education in the Master’s Program “Illustrations”(NAA).

The passage of time has always been a theme, which excites the author since she was a child. She is interested in watching how people around her change, psychologically as well as visually. In the exhibition „Slaves of Time” can be repetitive motives about the time, magical spaces and mysterious images with which she expresses her inner world.

In the exhibition “Slaves of Time” will be represented drawings and graphics. The art works are created in the last few years. Maya Ivanova shows a deep and consistent interest in the drawing, by using mostly the softness of the coal and the pencil for the realization of her portraits and figures. For the concept of the series of five graphics “Slaves of Time” Maya Ivanova shares: “They are an occasion to think about the…“strip of time” and how the fugacity of the present moment makes it extremely precious, how every grain from the sand clock is precious.” The graphics are in the technique dry needle. The author chooses this technique, since it would  best represent the fine strokes and details from her drawings. Maya Ivanova works with old traditional techniques, which she masters and develops through the years, uses personal themes and plots represented beautifully and delicately for the audience.

For the Author  

Maya Iordanova Ivanova was born in 1996 in Burgas. Since a little girl she shows appreciation of the visual arts and studies in an art class. During the years she becomes perfect in the area of drawing and acquires the graphics techniques dry needle and linocuts. She takes participation and wins in plenty of school competitions, the biggest of which being the competition for a schoool drawing of Мая Йорданова Иванова е родена 1996 г. в Бургас. От малка показва интерес към визуалните изкуства и учи в паралелка по рисуване. В годините се усъвършенства в областта на рисунката и усвоява графичните техники суха игла и линогравюра. Участва и взима награди в множество ученически конкурси, като най-големия от тях е конкурсът за учебна рисунка на NUII „Ilia Petrov“ in 2014, where she was awarded a second prize for etude head.

From 2015, Maya Ivanova is a student in the National Academy of Arts in Sofia, specialty “Graphics,” in the class of docent doctor Desislava Hristova.

In 2019 she continues her study in the Master’s Program “Illustration” with docent Regina Daskalacheva and docent Nikolai Tsachev.

Participations in exhibitions and awards

2019 – „20 Years Later, Together Again – Graphic Arts”, art center Bankya

2018 – Project “Class Room Without Conflicts” of Foundation Partners Bulgaria for the creation of design for text books 

2018 – „101 Drawings”, Art Gallery Serdica

2018 – Project “Student Practices” organized by the scientific info center “Bulgarian Encyclopedia” in the creative home of Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Varna

2018 – “Contemporary Informational Resources – Content and Visual Design” – Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

2017 – Nomination in XIV academical competition “Drawings,” National Academy of Arts

2014 г. – Second Prize for etude head in the competition for a school drawing of NUII “Ilia Petrov”

2012 – Participation in the competition “Vasil Levski and the Bulgarian Revival”

2012 г. – Participation in the competition “Vasil Levski and the Bulgarian Revival” – hall “Georgi Baev” Burgas

2011 г. – First Prize in the competition-exhibition “St. Triphon Zarezan” – community Sungurlare

Art Gallery Serdica is situated at the Zhenski Pazar Market at the corner of Stefan Stambolov Boulevard and Lozengrad Street. “Markets Vazrazhdane” is the communal Association which administers Zhenski Pazar Market.  

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