An information campaign was organized at Zhenski Pazar Market to explain the need of registration and castration of domestic and stray dogs, organized by the municipal company “Vazrazhdane Markets“ EAD and Municipal Company “Ecoravnovesie“. This event is organized for a second consecutive year at the Zhenski Pazar Market. During the information day, four adopted dogs from Ecoravnovesie’s municipal shelters were shown, and the focus was on the responsibility of having a pet and taking care of it.

“We want to show people that this is a real problem, and it concerns the entire society, all of us must have an informed and civilized choice. Our campaign at the Zhenski Pazar Market is intended to raise the awareness of this problem with stray dogs among people who visit the market and who work there, and to help them improve their social culture, concerning animals in general“ Dragomir Dimitrov, Executive Director of “Vazrazhdane Markets“ explained to the attendants.

According to Veselin Asenov, director of MC “Ecoravnovesie“, “the main issue, causing the presence of stray dogs – the irresponsible attitudes by pet owners – they fail to castrate or disinfect them, and then they throw in the streets any unwanted offspring”. He expects that by the end of the year, the number of adopted dogs will exceed 600. Now, there are approximately 1600 dogs in all shelters of “Ecoravnovesie“. He added that people’s attitude towards the adoption of dogs from a shelter is getting increasingly positive. “More and more people visit our events. And on Sundays, when we organize walks in our shelters, there is an increasing number of people, visiting the shelter, and last Sunday, more than one hundred people, came to meet a stray dog and possibly – adopt one”, continued Veselin Asenov.

“Ecoravnovesie“ manages three shelter and one municipal clinic, and from the beginning of April it started a free castration campaign for domestic and pet dogs, launched first in the peripheral neighbourhoods and will continue throughout the year in all quarters of Sofia. Castration is applicable to all pets. Everybody can come to us, and we will castrate, disinfect, identify their pets and return them with a passport. All such persons will be exempt from the annual dog tax, which now amounts to BGN 24”, explained Asenov. This may take place at Ecoravnovesie’s facilities or in case of difficulties in the transportation of a pet or yard dog, its owner can submit a request on Ecoravnovesie’s phone number or email address, and a team of the company will get the dog, take it to the clinic and after the completion of all the necessary manipulations, the dog will be returned to its home.

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