Art Gallery Serdica presents: Emi Kurtova’s “SELF-PORTRAIT” photography, painting and sculpture

Art Gallery Serdica presents: Emi Kurtova’s “SELF-PORTRAIT” photography, painting and sculpture

Period: 19 January 2022 – 18 February 2022
Opening: 19 January (Wednesday) 2022 from 17:00 to 20:00 o’clock

From January 19th to February 18th 2022 Art Gallery “Serdica” presents “SELF-PORTRAIT” – an exhibit of the young artist Emi Kurtova with photos, paintings and sculpture. The first exhibit for the new year will also be Emi’s first one-man exhibit and it will contain a part of her art works of eight years. The project is financed by National Culture Fund, “Debuts” Programme, “Visual and Digital Arts” Section.    

“Everything we do is a reflection of ourselves and in reality is our “Self-portrait” Emi Kurtova says. The photos and pictures arranged in the exhibit show the road she has walked already, as well as the road ahead. “It’s a road of emotions and feelings, fruit of all my fears, aspirations and dreams. They are an attempt for me to seize a moment of harmony or of disarray in the chaos of the time” she clarifies.  

The opening is January 19th (Wednesday) 2022 from 17:00 to 20:00 o’clock in compliance with ant and all mandatory anti-epidemic measures.

The exhibit covers several main topics, with the accent being “the Man”, “the Nature”, “the Freedom” and “the Love”. They are shown in details and in depth, with “the Love” being paramount for the young artist, viewed as the highest value, as an end goal and a utopia. It is in the foundation of everything we build. “The Man” is confused, searching for himself somewhere there throughout the time and space. “The Man is my embodiment, with him I show myself and everyone of us” Emi Kurtova explains. “The Nature” is shown both in scale and macro-details, as our home and as a small particle we may use. The works reveal the interconnection between the man and nature, and from there with the modern world.  

“The unique “genuine self-portraits” remind us that the man is also a body, a body through which we take in the emotions and feelings, hidden deep inside in us. I have also included in the exhibit pictures and photos, inspired by the impressionism. They show my searches and dreams, and reflect the light of my inner struggles, allowing me to underline further the idea of the project.” she adds.    

Photo book “Self-portrait” is issued together with the project, being a part of the exhibit.  

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