Dragomir Dimitrov, Executive Director of „Vazrazhdane Markets“ EAD: Our attitude towards animals must be responsible and make us better, we – people – are responsible for the destiny of the stray dogs.

Support for the first campaign “Find a Friend“ at Zhenski Pazar Market

The first initiative at Zhenski Pazar Market within the “Find a Friend“ campaign, which took place today, 2 July 2017, organized the meeting between people with good hearts and the first four dogs, in search of their new home.

Ron, Blacky, Rosko and Suzi won over the sympathy of everybody, who visited the initiative and proved that dogs from the shelter at Gorni Bogrov do not differ at all from pets. They enjoyed the walk and the new friends, the attention, patting and care and gave back their love.

Elen Gerdzhikov – chairman of the Sofia Municipal Council, Dragomir Dimitrov – Executive Director of „Vazrazhdane Markets“ EAD, Margarita Aleksandrovа – chairman of the Management Board of „Vazrazhdane Markets“ EAD, Veselin Asenov – director of  MC „Ecoravnovesie“  and many guests supported with their presence the initiative, aimed chiefly at helping dogs find a home and change their destiny, but also to make everybody think about the responsibility and compassion for the animals, in order to make us better.

The Executive Director of „Vazrazhdane Markets“ EAD Dragomir Dimitrov shared with the attendants that “Our attitude towards animals must be responsible, because their destiny is people’s fault – to be stray dogs and often face human cruelty and indifference. “Vazrazhdane Markets“ EAD as a company, aware of its corporate responsibility is focused on creating good business conditions, but also on making Zhenski Pazar Market a place for social communication“. As an expression of Company’s social responsibility, at the initiative of the executive director  Dragomir Dimitrov, during the event, adult people and younger children received mineral water, to cool them down in the hot weather. The first initiative for giving out mineral water took place on St. Peter’s Day (June 29).

A key role in the implementation of “Vazrazhdane Markets“ EAD’s and MC Ecoravnovesie’s initiative at the Zhenski Pazar Market was that of the volunteers, who took care of the dogs and showed everybody, willing to meet them, that they were incredibly gentle-hearted and social and just like all pets – loved games and walks, because many of them used to have homes and owners, but were lost, thrown out in the street or abandoned in the shelter. The objective of the campaign was to make everybody aware of the benefits and need of castration of the dogs. The volunteers gave out information materials and presented the services, provided free-of-charge by MC “Ecoravnovesie“, to every owner of yard dogs,  willing to show that they are responsible and take proper care of their pets.

After the first meeting with the dogs today, the candidate-adopters must carefully consider their decision and meet one more time Ecoravnovesie’s expert, to get the dog they have selected.

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