Art Gallery Serdica presents SHAMAN

Art Gallery Serdica presents SHAMAN

Art Gallery Serdica presents


Period: 10 March – 9 April 2021
Opening: 10 March (Wednesday) 2021 from 17:00 to 20:00 o’clock

Art Gallery Serdica presents “SHAMAN” – Ventsislav Dikov’s painting and sounds. The exhibit is open to public from 10 March to 9 April 2021 in the art space of the Women’s market in compliance with any and all anti-epidemic measures.  

Opening: 10 March 2021, today, from 17:00 to 20:00 o’clock.  

Who becomes a shaman?   

The one who isn’t afraid to cross over to other worlds to seek for the answers to his questions. A multi-layer person – healer, warrior, leader, wise man and prophet. The shaman skillfully balances on the thin line between the known and unknown, between the order and chaos, between the generally accepted and the reality as it is – always new, fresh and sparkling as a dew-drop, lit up by the sun.    

In the past

the shamans were creators and artists and the creators and artists were shamans. Nowadays we believe that such connection is lost, but is it really so? The colors and sounds have never ceased to affect, heal and inspire. The thing that is missing is more cognition and awareness, and the one that is in excess – too much interpretation.

With the present exhibit

Ventsislav Dikov rediscovers the mystical role of the artist, who, using sounds and images, transforms our perceptions. He examines the connection of the primal and sacral past with the present. The need of the modern urban man of meeting the unexplained. The canvas as a magical act of impact on the reality. The elemental untamed power of the colors, vibrations and forms. The creative art process as a magical act, a ritual. Sounds, tones, timbres, nuances, shades, musical fragments become one in countless ways with the colors and images on the paintings and canvases; symbols of power, people in every possible color, dreams, boats, travelling between worlds. The mind is overfilled: the interpretation stops here. The creativity is unlocked, a rush of fresh artistic ideas overpowers the perceptions. The visitor of this exhibit turns into a co-author and creator, an artist.  

Ventsislav Dikov combines his two worlds.  

So immerse in. Participate. Discover new worlds.  

“I paint both in figurative and abstract style. The different states of the mind and the infinite universe of the sub consciousness are a never failing source for my artistic and creative laboratory. I examine the state in which the mind empowers the body to create, inviting the objects with unclear designation, inhabiting the sub consciousness, to come up in front” Ventsislav Dikov describes his work and adds: “The connection between a man and an object could be as deep as the relation between a man and a man, sometimes even deeper. Without verbal communication all that is left is the essence – the man, feeling and reflecting. It is not necessary for the object to perform certain functions, in order to attract the attention of onlooker, actually it’s the opposite – the absence of clear designation drives up the curiosity. And the curiosity creates a connection. The paintings in themselves have no meaning and purpose. The meaning and sense appear when the connection is established.” 

      “Ventsislav Dikov’s style is truly versatile – figurative and abstract at the same time. The graphical aspect is also tangibly present in his art works. I am impressed by the purity of line of the individual characters. The compositions are characterized with rich versatility of geometric and not so standard, whimsical forms. Moreover the artist’s hand stands out with elegant, precise to perfection graphical line. The combination of the above elements draws the audience into the artist’s distinctive, emotionally – saturated universe, in which anyone of us travels subconsciously to other, yet to be discovered worlds”, says Jerry Delfosse, the founder and owner of Espace Art Gallery in Brussels and President of the Golden Gate Cultural and Art Association in Brussels. 

For the author:

Ventsislav Dikov is born in Sofia, in a family of musicians. He paints from the early childhood. Preferring to keep his distinctive and original style in the fine arts, he chooses to study music and graduates from “Pancho Vladigerov” National Academy of Music and then from HochschulefürMusik in Münster, Germany, major classical guitar.   

Since 2003 Ventsislav Dikov is equally active both as a painter and musician. He’s had more than thirty exhibits in Bulgaria and abroad (Tokyo, Paris, Berlin, Köln, Barcelona, Luxemburg, etc.). He has participated in art-residences (Japan, Slovakia, Serbia) and group exhibits (Germany, turkey, Serbia, Slovakia, Luxemburg, etc.). His paintings are owned by private collectors all over the world. 

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