Art Gallery Serdica presents KALEIDOSCOPE

Art Gallery Serdica presents KALEIDOSCOPE

Period: 16 June – 17 July 2021 г.
Opening: 16 June (Wednesday) 2021 from 17:00 to 20:00 o’clock

Kaleidoscope is that “enchanting device”, making us dream. A true magic of small, colorful mirrors, turning into whimsical forms and tangles, and then breaking down and arranging themselves into new ones and new ones, forever and ever. A box, full of multi-colored lights, returning us to the childhood. How come one just ordinary cylinder had entertained us for hours?  

The painter Nikolay Buzov answers that question with his newest exhibit of paintings “Kaleidoscope” in Art Gallery Serdica, open to the public from 16 June to 17 July 2021 in the art space of the Women’s Market. One of the series, carrying the same name, greets and attracts the visitor to the elusive expanse of colorful lights and shadows, mysteriously inviting and unusual, tamed and reduced by the artist to certain interaction and original rhythm. Nikolay Buzov uses masterfully and freely the photography approaches, organizes the space, manipulates it, changes the scale and adds a large dose of invention. In his canvasses the light is a part of the creation of an overall sensory image, through which the painter puts together various colorful volumes, which he connects, arranges and combines, in an attempt to discover new horizons and realities. The reflection is a glimmer and a part of a “chaotic space”, which he gradually organizes and saturates additionally with colors.         

 “Nikolay Buzov’s visual language is distinguishable and follows his strict logic for order and balance of the composition (series “Personal (private) signs”, “Asymmetrical triptych”). He bravely contrasts volumes and painting structures, plays with the reflection, with the close and distant proportions of individual parts, with the two-dimensional space and the illusion of the object’s three-dimensionality. His manner of expression encompasses various specter of geometrical figures and signs in bold colors, compositionally “placed” in imaginary space. The artist continuously perfects his visual vocabulary of lines, rectangles, polygons, horizontally and vertically built-in forms, creating illusory notion of anther all-embracing reality” the curator and art critic Diana Draganova-Shtir shares for the artist.    

In Nikolay Buzov’s exhibit, as a symbolic spiral, each art work has precisely chosen and thought over by the author place, in which he has gathered his newest works “Kaleidoscope”, “Personal (private) signs”, “Asymmetric Triptych”, “Blades”, “White”, “Egocentrically” (acrylic on canvass, mixed technique on canvass), grouped in several series, conceptually thought-over and stimulatingly arranged in the space objects.     

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