Art Gallery Serdica presents Delya Chausheva with ” Gravitational Push” Oil Painting and Drawing

Art Gallery Serdica presents Delya Chausheva with ” Gravitational Push” Oil Painting and Drawing

Period:  16th of September – 17th of October, 2020
Vernissage :  16th of September,2020 (Wednesday) from 5 PM to 8 PM

Art Gallery Serdica presents the exhibition ” Gravitational Push ” – the latest oil painting and drawing works by Delya Chausheva, which will be held from the 16th of September to the 17th of October 2020 in the art space of Zhenski Pazar Market. 

In Art Gallery Serdica, the audience will be able to see large-format oil paintings, pastel and charcoal paintings, which reveal to the audience an unsuspected world of abstract shapes and enigmatic spaces created by the artist and inspired by the wonders of the Universe, which Delya Chausheva chooses to call ” Gravitational Push”, and the title of the series of drawings is” Traveling in the shadows “. 

Delya Chausheva has been working in the field of abstract painting for many years, eventually building her own recognizable and sustainable handwriting. Her art education is marked by two important names in Polish art – she graduated in Painting with Prof.  Jerzy Nowoszielski at the Jan Matejko Academy of Arts in Krakow , and as a second major in Graphics with Professors Weimann and Bush. This determines her more specific and cosmopolitan attitude to the problems of abstract painting and their visual realization. Delya Chausheva has many exhibitions in the country and abroad, she has won national and international awards.

Art critic Dr. Stefania Yanakieva says of the author: “ Abstract painting is considered one of the purest forms of expression, as it allows the artist to communicate freely visually, without being limited by the forms existing in objective reality. It is this freedom of communication that Delya Chausheva offers us. Through her paintings, she shares with us her vision or her illusion about Life and the Universe – an endless cycle of dust specks and giants that is cut by the unexpected, such as the gravitational impulse that completely changes the existence of a comet. It is in this moment of conflict, of coming out of the banal and monotonous, of the sudden blow, which suddenly disrupts the everyday life and completely changes it, that the author is most interested in and she recreates it through her specific expressive language. The smooth, monochrome picture field is permeated by spatial structures resembling broken glass or broken ice mass, however not transparent, but solved in saturated provocative color combinations – red, violet, green, blue … Light, transparent, smoothly applied tones are in conflict with bright accents or dark formations achieved by the accumulation of oil paint. Her compositional solutions are unexpected and challenging, turn the space upside down, experiment with our senses, forcing us to look for non-standard solutions for their perception and meaning. ”  

About her work with coal, Delya Chausheva shares that this is her passion. “It’s a strong material, mystical, and to master it you need great experience. My new drawings are an emotion, an irresistible dream . In some of them you can see a very well-mastered technique, while others seem at first glance as a quick sketch. But this is far from the case. Behind these works there is also a long process of reflection and experimentation, but there the impression of spontaneity prevails … Painting with charcoal and black pastel unlocks in me emotions that come out on their own. It’s as if this material was created for me and I have no idea where lies the thin line is between painting and graphics. ” , says Delya Chausheva.

The artist uses the traditional painting material – oil, to create compositions in which the graphic principle is leading.
However, what makes Delya Chausheva’s works so influential and memorable, shares again Dr. Stefania Yanakieva: ” I think that their main quality is that they manage to open the door of our imagination, giving us the freedom to perceive and interpret them according to our own individuality and sensitivity. They manage to unlock our imagination and awaken our desire to see new unknown worlds, as well as to look at our familiar world in a new, different way . 

About the Author:

Delia Chausheva

Delia Chausheva was born in Sofia in 1965. She studied at the Fine Arts Academy “Jan Matejko” in Krakow. In 1993, she graduated in Painting under the great Polish artist Prof. Jerzy Nowosielski.
She graduated in Printmaking, as a second subject, under Prof. Weimann and Prof. Bunsh.  She is a member of the Union of the Bulgarian Artists.
Delia participates in national and international competitions and exhibitions including:

Solo Exhibitions
2019    Painting and drawing, INTRO Gallery, Sofia
2015 ,2017  Painting, Tandra Gallery,Sofia
2014    Painting and Drawing, Artamontsev Gallery, Sofia
2013    Drawing, Arosita Gallery, Sofia
2012    Drawing, Grojec ,Poland
2011    Painting, Vidima  Gallery, Sevlievo
2011    Painting, Rakursi Sofia
2009 – 2011   Painting, Agora, Sofia
2008    Painting,Rakursi,Sofia
2007    Painting  and Drawing,Gallery,Cite,internationale des Arts,Paris,France
2007    Painting  and Drawing,Gallery,Seasons, Sofia
2006    Painting and Drawing, Polish Cultural Institute, Sofia;                                              
1999    Painting, 11 – Kadinovi Gallery, Sofia;
1999    Painting and Drawing, Arteya Centre, Varna;
1999    Painting and Drawing, Polish Cultural Institute, Sofia;
1998    Painting and Drawing, Irida-Interpred Gallery, Sofia;
1998    Painting and Drawing, Sirakow Gallery, Veliko Tarnowo;
1993    Drawing, Polish Cultural Institute, Sofia;
1991    Painting, Gallery “U Ambrożego”, Krakow, Poland;

Selected  exhibitions
2020   “V.I.D.A” virtual international exhibition, Spain
2018,  Spaces, Art Gallery Stara Zagora
2018  “Allianz National Competition” (nomination)
2018  “Ilindentsi. Art Zone ”Sofia City Art Gallery
2016   ,, Still life and interior ,, exhibition of painting section, Shipka Gallery 6, Sofia
2016  “European Bridges” International Art Symposium
             Museum of Art, Constanta, Romania
2015   International Exhibition “Meetings” Istanbul, Turkey;
2015    National Exhibition “Ludogorie”, Razgrad
2 014   International Exhibition of Drawing, Novi Sad, Serbia
2014    Curatorial Project ‘Untold Abstraction’ Gallery Shipka 6. Sofia
2014    International Exhibition ‘ART/X/TOYAMA’, Japan
2014    ‘Five Artists Together’ exhibition drawing, Rakursi Gallery, Sofia
2013      National Exhibition ‘Ludogorie 2013’, Razgrad
2012      Third Balkan Quadrianalle of Painting, Stara Zagora
2012     International Exhibition ‘232 painters from 40 countries’ 15×15 cm, Lesedra Gallery, Sofia
2012 –  ‘Encounters 5 / Lefkosa’, painting, Ataturk Centre Center Exhibition Hall in Lefkosa, North Cyprus
2012 – ‘ Meeting on the Line’, painting, Bulgarian Institute of Culture in Warsaw, Poland
2011     International Travelling Exhibition ‘Man. River. Painting from the Dunav countries’ ‘
            ’Der Mensch. Der Fluss’’ – Along the river of men.
2011 –  ‘Boundless’, painting, rh+ artgallery in Istanbul, Turkey
2010     Fourth Beijing International Art Biennale, China
2009    “Reality and Fiction” exhibition of the painting section, Shipka Gallery 6, Sofia
2009     Exhibition ,,4 Spaces’’-Curator of the project Rumiana Konstantinova, Town Gallery      

2008     II Balkan Quadrennial of Painting, Stara Zagora;
2008     National Painting Exhibition “Close Distance” Gallery “Shipka” 6, Sofia;
2008     International Exhibition “Tarii Crisurilor” Museum, Oradea, Romania;
2008     International Biennale, Cairo,Egypt  
2008     Third Beijing International Art Biennale, China
2007      International Symposium Beratzhausen, Germany (for the BMW collection, Regensburg, Germany)
2007     Personal Traffic, Shipka 6 str. Gallery, Sofia;
2008- 2004 National Drawing and Small Plastic Exhibition, Shipka 6 Gallery, Sofia;
2006       Real Spaces – Small Plastic and Drawing, Fine Arts Hall, Bratislava;
2006       Friends of the Sea, Contemporary Art Biennial, Burgas;
2006       ІІІ Small Forms Biennial, Pleven;
2006       Space Transformations, Shipka 6str. Gallery, Sofia;
2005       Personal Mythologies, Shipka 6str. Gallery, Sofia;
1995       International Print Triennial, Sofia, Bulgaria;
1994       International Print and Drawing Biennial, Majdanek ‘94, Poland
1994       Young Artists in Krakow, Mischlenitse, Poland, First Prize Winner
1993       VІ International Print and Drawing Biennial, Fine Arts Museum, Taipei, Taiwan, Diploma awarded;
1993       International Student Biennial, Maastricht, Netherlands

2008 III Beijing International Biennale, China, Honorary Diploma;
2007    The award of the Union of Bulgarian Artists, Cite des Arts, Paris, France.
1994       Young Artists in Krakow, Mischlenitse, Poland, First Prize Winner;
1993       VІ International Print and Drawing Biennial, Fine Arts Museum, Taipei, Taiwan, Diploma awarded;
Her works are property of galleries and private collections in Bulgaria, Poland, Germany, Japan and USA, Serbia, Macedonia, Vienna.
Currently, Delia lives and works in Sofia, Bulgaria.

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