An Organic Waste is Going to Turn into a Delicious Bite Only at the Farmer’s Market Pendara at the Zhenski Pazar Market

An Organic Waste is Going to Turn into a Delicious Bite Only at the Farmer’s Market Pendara at the Zhenski Pazar Market

The 2nd of November, 2019, Sofia.

The already traditional Farmer’s market at the Zhenski Pazar Market willl open doors this Saturday at 10:00 AM as well, when between the streets “Simeon” and “Kiril and Metodii” Bulgarian producers and farmers will display their production again. More than 50 farms and craftsmen, divided into three product zones – “Fruit and Vegetables,” “Dairy and Meat,” and “Other Foods and Beverages” will expect their customers at the Zhenski Pazar Market up to 5:00 PM. The organizers of the regular Farmer’s Market in the capital – Pendara – are the Foundation of “” and “Pazari Vazrazhdane.” Startup Bulgarian farmers and craftsmen are supported, the focus is upon new producers and products, culinary demonstrations and stalls based on our national gastronomic heritage.

This Saturday Blagichka (Blazhka Dimitrova) from the first restaurant in Bulgaria, in which ZeroWaste is cooked will show us how you can turn fast and easily the organic waste into a delicious meal. This is going to be the culinary demonstration on the Farmer’s Market again at 11:30 AM on our culinary stage. You will also see how you can prepare delicious liquid vegan chocolate only with real products and without anything going in the garbage as waste. You will see a demonstration of how to make soup from beet, by using every last portion of the raw material, or chips from potato peels. And all of this can be tried without restrictions.

“Cooking is usually related with a lot of remaining waste – plastic packages, peels, paper. But there is another alternative – and that is to buy bulk materials from the Zhenski Pazar Market, and especially from our Farmer’s Market, with our own boxes, bags and jars. This is why cooking with thought, a little creativity in the kitchen and bold experiments can lead to incredibly tasty meals. That’s the aim of our culinary demonstrations – to show people how to use the real foods completely,” said Gergana Kabaivanova from Foundation “”.

The culinary demonstration at the Farmer’s Market “Pendara” on the  Zhenski Pazar Market is part of the project “Your Food” of Foundation “Bioselena”#ТвоятаХрана. The Project aims to raise the awareness about the waste of food, to give knowledge about how throwing out food is related to the changes in climate, to inform about the relationships between the developing and the developed countries towards the production and use of foods, as well as to popularize skills for diminishing the waste of food in the households.

You may follow the actual information about the event on the page of Farmer’s Market “Pendara“ in Facebook.

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