The Residents of Sofia will be able to order online products from the market, as if ordering takeaway food from restaurants. “We are able to introduce a new type of services, which we are trying to assign to partner companies – accepting online orders and home and office deliveries of the products, offered on the market ”, explained Dragomir Dimitrov, Executive Director of „Vazrazhdane Markets“.

„Vazrazhdane Markets“, includes Zhenski Pazar Market, „Dimitar Petkov“ Market, Rotunda of the Central Railway Station and the amphitheatre in the garden of the National Palace of Culture.

Dimitrov also plans the construction of 22 new pavilions and alleys at “Zhenski Pazar Market“. Enough space for this project will be provided if Dimitrov obtains the permission to demolish one of the buildings in the beginning of the market at the “Slivnitsa“ boulevard. The building is currently not in use, due to its desolate condition, and a proper overhaul will require an investment of approximately BGN 800 000, which – according to him – is unprofitable. “On the other hand, the new pavilions would generate revenues, and make the market more spacious and increase its capacity to accept more visitors“, continued Dimitrov.

“Vazrazhdane Markets“ is working on a programme for the installation of charging stations for electric vehicles on our two markets. A modern CCTV system and new LED lighting are currently being installed. There are festivals, cultural and social events and campaigns.

“We have developed an active strategy for transforming Zhenski Pazar Market and the surrounding streets into a tourist attraction and destination. This is the result of a memorandum and agreements we have signed with the major tour operators, who organize tourist routes. As a result, there are now several tourist routes, organized by “Sofia Free Tour“ and “Historical Tours of Sofia“, who regularly and actively visit the market and the surrounding streets”, added Dimitrov.

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