A Competition for Mulled Wine and Rakia at the Christmas Farmer’s Market Pendara at the Zhenski Pazar Market this Saturday

A Competition for Mulled Wine and Rakia at the Christmas Farmer’s Market Pendara at the Zhenski Pazar Market this Saturday

19th of December, 2019, Sofia. A Christmas Farmer’s Market Pendara will be held this Saturday, the 21st of December, 2019 at the Zhenski Pazar Market from 10 AM to 4 PM. Except for the traditional farmer’s and craftsmen’s foods for the visitors are prepared plenty of other surprises and opportunities for a fresh mood. One of the attractions is the Competition for the most delicious and fragrant mulled wine or rakia, which will allow the great masters of the typical holiday beverage to compete in their art and find out who is the best. The participants will have just half an hour to prepare their master drink, only natural ingredients are allowed and the traditional and local recipes will be a priority in the evaluation.  A jury of 3 people will choose the winner, who will have found the perfect balance among the taste and fragrance in the mulled wine or rakia. The guests of Zhenski Pazar Market will also have the pleasure of trying the warm Christmas beverages. The competition begins at 1:00 PM and will be held on the special scene for demonstrations at the Farmer’s Market Pendara.

This Saturday at the event of the Christmas Farmer’s Market at the Zhenski Pazar Market will be present also Santa Claus and SnowWhite to make the children happy, there will be folk dances and Christmas Bulgarian songs, and in the special workshop we will learn how to adorn Christmas cookies.

For the lovers of analog music we are going to organize the fourth edition of Sofia Vinyl Fest, which will gather tradesmen and maniacs of gramophone records. (there will be more details in the agenda attached)

“We have decided to create the true Christmas spirit of the Zhenski Pazar Market and organize a holiday for the senses, as well as give our visitors the opportunity to shop for the upcoming Christmas Eve and Christmas.  To us the Farmer’s Market Pendara is the place, where Buglarian farmers and craftsmen can offer their production every Saturday, but also an opportunity for the Zhenski Pazar Market to show that it is a true, modern city space, which combines trade areas with events which provoke serious interest for the capital residents as well as the capital guests,” said Dragomir Dimitrov, executive director of Pazari Vazrazhdane, the municipal association, which administers the Zhenski Pazar Market. 

The Farmer’s Market, which is already a tradition at the Zhenski Pazar market, will be held again between the streets Simeon and Kiril and Metodii. The craftmen’s and farmer’s products are exhibited in three product zones – “Fruit and Vegetables,” “Dairy and Meat,” and “Other Foods and Beverages.” The organizers of the  regular Farmer’s Market  Pendara in the capital are the foundation LocalFood.bg and Pazari Vazrazhdane.

Start-up Bulgarian farms and craftsmen are supported, the focus is on the novel producers, and products, culinary demonstrations, and stalls based on our national gastronomic heritage.

Among the exhibitors of the Farmer’s Market are farms for fruit and vegetables, producers of dairy and meat products – among them the Farm Brodilovo, dairy farm Keffa, and dairy farm Kochorite from the village of Stoikite, which offer milk products.  The small family Green Living Farm offers quail’s eggs and an unique paste made of them. Tom Konserv – a family producer of liutenitsas and vegetable pastes by old village recipes, and the farm of Venets is a farmer’s cooperation, which wil offer the citizens of Sofia fruit and juices raised in their own permacultural gardens. In the farmer’s zones of the market will be included also producers of traditional pestils, the oldest in production tahini from the village of Plavun, Ivailovgrad, the company of Sam 86 for bee products, the artisan’s bread with kvass, honey and bee products, bio wines and vinegars and many other projects such as Divata Shipka – for instance – a farm, which looks after nuts and spelt in the village of Nikolovo, Ruse, the winery Losina as well as many others.


You can follow the updated information about the participants on the page of Farmer’s Market Pendara in Facebook.

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