Art Gallery Serdica Presents “101 Cartoons. 101 FunnySnowflakes”- 14 Bulgarian Caricature Artists Gather in a Christmas Exhibition

Art Gallery Serdica Presents “101 Cartoons. 101 FunnySnowflakes”- 14 Bulgarian Caricature Artists Gather in a Christmas Exhibition

Period: the 11th of December, 2019 – the 10th of January, 2020
Opening: the 11th of Decemberm, 2019, Wednesday, at 6:30 PM

Art Gallery Serdica presents 14 Bulgarian Caricature Artists, which show their wink at the capital’s audience about the upcoming winter holidays, the merry situations around them and the joy of young and old from the New Year surprises.

In “101 Caricatures, 101 Chuckles” we will see works of 14 popular names among the Bulgarian caricature artists – Chavdar Nikolov, Ivailo Tsvetkov, Jovcho Savov, Trayko Popov, Irien Trendafilov, Tsocho Peev, Alla and Chavdar Georgievi, Maya Tcholakova, Milko Dikov, Gencho Simeonov, Valentin Georgiev, Valeri Alexandrov, Nikola Georgiev – Kayo, Lyubomir Mihaylov

The period of the exposition is from the 11th of December, 2019 to the 10th of January, 2020 and thus the art space of Art Gallery Serdica at the Zhenski Pazar Market will welcome the New Year with a smile. The official opening of the exhibition will be on the 11th of December, 2019, at 6:30 PM in Art Gallery Serdica.

Apart from enjoying the amusing, creative interpretation of the upcoming holiday days, the visitors of the gallery will be able to gift a smile for Christmas, since the caricatures in this exposition will be offered at accessible prices.

The Exhibition “101 Cartoons. 101 FunnySnowflakes” gathers 14 outstanding Bulgarian caricature artists, who have proven themselves in the years, who have experienced many personal events around the world and in Bulgaria, who have won many prestigious prizes and acknowledgments. Many of them have starred in the juries of the most prestigious caricature exhbitions.

“To us, it is true happiness that we managed to gather these creator-individualists together in one hall, so that we can melt the hearts of the spectators. The idea of 101 Cartoons. 101 FunnySnowflakes is a sequel to the cycle “101 Drawings” which Art Gallery Serdica started for the last Christmas. The first exhibition united eminent Bulgarian artists and students from the National Academy of Arts. This time again the goal is to allow the art to be for everybody who wants to make a Christmas present and own an original work of a Bulgarian artist at an accessible price,” said Dragomir Dimitrov, an executive director of Markets Vazrazhdane, the organization which administers Zhenski Pazar Market and Art Gallery Serdica.

“The caricature is a fragile little tree, which grows freely, unattended, in a dry, gritty-rocky soil. Always green, always spreading, in spring, in summer, in winter. A little tree with a few branches – the thorny branch of the political satire, the twisted branch of the black humour, the ever blossoming branch of the white humour, the branch of the parodies and methaphors of the conceptual caricature and the ever discontent with life branch of the social caricature. We can be thankful to Art Gallery Serdica that in these cold winter days, it will be the window to the tree of caricature” says Liubomir Mihailov, one of the autors in 101 Cartoons. 101 FunnySnowflakes and he adds that the humor, the merry mood and the fun in the caricatures, which will be shown in Art Gallery Serdica will break the ice in our hearts and remind  us that all of us are actually sitting at the same table.

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