Zhenski Pazar Market (Bulgarian: “Женски пазар”) is the oldest market in Sofia. Established more than 140 years ago, it has become one of the most important trading centres in the metropolitan city.

Zhenski Pazar Market has always been known as the place where one can find everything needed… starting from fresh fruit and vegetables by Bulgarian farmers, going through traditional souvenirs, clothing, fresh meat and dairy products, and ending up with exotic foreign spices and condiments.

The market is an attractive tourist destination in Sofia, and the colourful merchants and their merchandise, combined with the authentic urban architecture attract increasing numbers of tourists.
The market is located in the so-called Area of Tolerance in Sofia. The name itself is coined after the close proximity of the temples of all the official religious communities in Bulgaria. Here you can find the church “Saints Cyril and Methodius“, the “Banya bashi” Mosque, and the Central Synagogue of Sofia.
Almost 60 000 visit Zhenski Pazar Market every day.

Zhenski Pazar Market is also the only open-air trading area in Sofia, having an art gallery. The Contemporary Art Gallery “Serdika“ exhibits painting, prints, photography, and organizes art workshops, concerts , book presentations etc.

“The 140-year old Zhenski Pazar Market in Sofia, Bulgaria, is a feast for all the senses“,

wrote the journalist Neeta Lal in the Indian economic weekly The Week.

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Art Gallery Serdica presents  “The small exhibits behind the RED CURTAIN”  photography and digital collage by  Izabela Manolova

Period: 3 February -5 March 2021. Opening day: 3 February (Wednesday) 2021 from 17:00 to 20:00 o’clock             Art Gallery…

The seventh edition of SOFIA VINYL FEST will once again gather record sellers from all over the country

On the 3rd of October, Zhenski Pazar Market brings together in the same place for the third year the most avid collectors of…

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